Up To $150 Off Aerogarden Indoor Gardening Systems

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TL; DR: Starting April 27, you can save up to $150 on an AeroGarden indoor gardening system at Best Buy.

Going to the grocery store has completely changed. There’s no longer a need to roam the aisles trying to choose between overwhelming bread and cereal options. Instead, people are trying to get in and out as quickly as possible to reduce their risk of being exposed to COVID-19. However, it seems that when entering and exiting, many ran straight to the organic products.

If your shopping played a part in the 22% rise in organic sales in March, you might want to take your mindful eating a step further with an AeroGarden.

In addition to bringing your kitchen counter to life, AeroGarden’s indoor gardening systems allow you to grow fresh herbs and vegetables right on your kitchen counter. There is no need to dig and plant outdoors. In fact, no soil is needed at all. You can grow up to 9 seeds at a time in nothing but water. Each AeroGarden even comes with a number of pods with seeds (for red heirloom cherry tomatoes, cascading petunias, etc.) inside so you can get started right away.

Since you are in control of their growth, you can rest assured that what you are eating for dinner has not been mishandled or touched by harmful pesticides.

Right now, you can get an AeroGarden for up to $150 off at Best Buy. These are the lowest prices we’ve seen for gardening systems in quite some time, even including sales on AeroGarden’s direct site.

Check below all the current offers at the moment:

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