U.S. lawn and garden fertilizer demand to reach $ 3.3 billion in 2023

CLEVELAND, September 30, 2019 / PRNewswire / – According to the new edition of Consumables for lawns and gardens, fertilizer demand is expected to increase by 2.6% per year to reach $ 3.3 billion in 2023. Lawn and turf maintenance will continue to dominate lawn and garden fertilizer applications – accounting for 71% of the market in 2023 – as most homes and many commercial and institutional establishments have lawns that require maintenance. care.

More information about the study is here: https://www.freedoniagroup.com/industry-study/lawn-garden-consumables-3755.htm

Volume growth in this app will be limited by:

  • a reduction in the size of maintained grassy areas in American homes
  • the continued decrease in the area of ​​golf courses and the continued reduction in fertilizer application in this market

Growth in value for lawn and lawn fertilizers will be boosted by:

  • the continued popularity of improved formulations, with suppliers continually refining these formulations to deliver new and higher value products
  • the use of more informative packaging and marketing programs, which will encourage consumers to regularly fertilize their lawns and use higher-value products that are either more specialized or more effective

The fertilizer demand in all other applications will benefit from:

  • increasing availability of specialty products targeted at specific plants such as roses, tomatoes and fruit trees
  • increased interest in gardening, especially food gardening, among millennials
  • an aging population, as more consumers will retire and be able to engage in recreational gardening

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