This smart indoor gardening system uses an automated irrigation system to care for your plants!

If we’ve learned one thing during lockdown, it’s not to underestimate the power of plants. Bedrooms and workspaces seem to open up once we incorporate some greenery into the mix. Due to tight corners and lack of natural light, city apartments are not too prone to crashing. To provide a modular and compact gardening system suitable for city life, Elif Bulut created Loop, a smart flowerpot that takes care of your greenery while you’re away.

Loop is a smart planting system that feeds and nurtures your plants while you’re away with an automated irrigation system. The agricultural system is in the shape of a plume, flowering from above and below, holding the seed modules in a radial row to form a skirt. Each seed module is detachable and locks securely to each other with joining sleeves, forming a bond. Along the lower deck of the system lid, LEDs disperse light onto plants, adjusting their levels depending on the time of day.

Users simply add seeds to the modules, position the modules to match the irrigation system, lock the top water reservoir in place, and then watch the water drip and the plants grow. Loop’s top cover connects the base of the system to its irrigation basin so users can also adjust the amount of water flowing through each module, ranging from sparse or open flow to frequent irrigation. Once the irrigation meter is set, the system’s built-in smart technology takes care of each plant and keeps track of their condition to achieve optimal indoor settings. Loop allows those who live in the city to continue to have access to gardening and all the benefits that come with it.

Creator: Elif Bulut

Shaped like a double-sided trumpet, Loop takes the familiar shape of many modern home appliances.

Equipped with plant modules and an automated irrigation system, Loop is designed for ease of use.

Loop comes with an integrated LED lighting system that feeds the plants with energy.

The brightness of the LED lights changes depending on the time of day.

Loop’s irrigation system allows users to adjust the drip between infrequent and frequent amounts.

The modules lock into place with the faucets of the irrigation system.

Each factory module forms the skirt of the system by interconnecting at junction points.