Working from home has forced people to find joy and indulge in things they’ve always wanted to do but never really had time for. The interest in furnishing his house with indoor plants, matching them with the interior decoration and creating an atmosphere conducive to working from home is whatRead More →

Indoor plants make a wonderful addition to our home decor and improve indoor air quality. Those with pets, however, may find it difficult to protect plants from curious pets and pets from indoor greenery. The good news is that you can grow an indoor garden even if you have pets.Read More →

Want to feel happier, more creative, less stressed and more connected? Buy a houseplant. The National Gardening Association has reported that more than a third of American homes have houseplants, which is unsurprising given the abundance of research extolling the benefits of houseplants for health and well-being. -to be. (HereRead More →