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Bored at home? This is the perfect time to cultivate a green thumb.

To emphasize the CDC’s messaging for U.S. residents to continue sheltering in place, a coalition of greenhouse growers and indoor gardeners has launched a social media initiative they’re calling #StayPlanted.

They encourage people to place plants in their windows and share photos on social media using the hashtag #StayPlanted, highlighting the benefits of leafy greens for us.

“Most people love their houseplants for the way they look, but many don’t realize the tremendous health benefits that come from having access to plants and greenery,” said Mike Senneff, president of Green Plants for Green Buildings and CEO of Natura. declaration. Both companies specialize in installing plants in built environments.

By sharing photos and personal stories of home foliage, #StayPlanted aims to bring people together and encourage individual well-being.

Studies have shown that close access to plants can improve mood and reduce the risk of stress-related depression. For those who work from home, houseplants have also been proven to have a calming influence, allowing for higher concentration when performing tasks.

Additionally, meeting a plant’s needs by watering it, fertilizing it, and providing it with sunlight can provide much-needed companionship in times of isolation for some people.

Want to bring some greenery into your home? Local crèches including tillage plants and evergreen garden now support online ordering, curbside pickup, and even delivery.

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