Plant-friendly products designed to fulfill your indoor gardening aspirations + cultivate a sustainable lifestyle!

Gardening is an extremely therapeutic activity, and although I don’t do it all the time, the few times I have, I find it really enjoyable and calming. Growing, caring for, and being surrounded by plants is extremely satisfying. All your worries slowly fade away and you are simply captivated by nature. And indoor gardening has become one of the big trends these days! Plants can truly transform a living space with their sweet presence. They add a touch of greenery and nature and create a serene and zen atmosphere. But taking care of them is not always the easiest task! You should pay special attention to your beloved plants and give them the best care to ensure that they grow well. And, we’ve curated a whole collection of product designs to help you with that! From a wearable that allows your plants to communicate with you, to an indoor vertical farm that uses LED lights and plant pods – these products are all you need to create a nurturing environment for your plants and ensure they grow beautifully!

Requiring no water for maintenance, Vertex Zero is a terrarium that contains real, biologically inactive moss, grown in TerraLiving’s own greenhouse and stored in labs inside museum-quality geometric glass containers . Live moss is grown and grown in TerraLiving’s greenhouse nicknamed the “Moss Lab”, before reaching peak health and stored for potting. Using proprietary advanced preservation technology, each live moss patch is stripped of all water content in areas of low pressure and sub-zero temperatures to freeze their proteins and biological components, rendering them inactive, yet frozen in the weather.

Designed to take the absolute hassle out of watering and caring for your plants, WALTY gives them the water they need by simply removing it from the atmosphere. Because a single plant cannot generate and capture enough atmospheric moisture like an entire forest, WALTY essentially does that part for your plant. Now, that may sound like magic, but WALTY works like a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier extracts moisture from the air using cold plates that force water droplets to condense on them. The droplets then drip into a reservoir and when it fills up, you just need to empty it. WALTY’s approach is similar, except it uses that very water to keep your plant hydrated…kind of like a win-win.

Meet the Pico Max, a compact, self-growing planter that turns your kitchen counter into a vegetable garden. From herbs to fruits, vegetables, sprouts, succulents and even leafy greens, Pico Max handles it all. If last year’s Pico was aimed at enthusiasts looking to dive into gardening, Pico Max helps them take gardening more seriously by growing plants that serve as decor, natural air purifiers or cooking ingredients. It comes with a wider gardening bed than its predecessor, allowing you to grow even more plants than before. The planter itself comes in a set of funky colors that add sparkle to your decor and has a built-in window in the front that allows you to observe the water level of the planter. Each Pico Max comes with its own dedicated water reservoir and the plant will water itself as it needs it. All you have to do is refill the water tank every other day and you’re good to go!

Designed by Modern Sprout, the Smart Landscape Growframe is a minimal frame that can be mounted on any wall in your home, and is more in function than just looks! It feeds all kinds of plants – from those that crave low light to those that crave bright light. Once mounted on a wall, you can slide your favorite plants into the Growframe and connect to the Modern Sprout app. The app is a complete godsend! The app has an on/off switch and can be used for customizable scheduling and pairing recommendations for plants in partial shade, partial sun, and full sun. You can easily select and switch between light settings.

Loop is a smart planting system that feeds and nurtures your plants while you’re away with an automated irrigation system. The agricultural system is in the shape of a plume, flowering from above and below, holding the seed modules in a radial row to form a skirt. Each seed module is detachable and locks securely to each other with joining sleeves, forming a bond. Along the lower deck of the system lid, LEDs disperse light onto plants, adjusting their levels according to the time of day. Users simply add seeds to the modules, position the modules to match the irrigation system, lock the top water reservoir in place, and then watch the water drip and the plants grow.

Based on 3D visualizations developed by The Subdivision team, Agrilution works like most indoor vertical farm products. Dubbed Plantcube, Agrilution is shaped like a small refrigerator, containing two sliding shelves that accommodate crops and soil bins. With indoor LED grow lights, Agrilution’s indoor crops are fed with as much fake sun as they could possibly need to thrive. In addition to the LED grow lights, Agrilution comes with an app that helps users control the maintenance of their plants. The app uses smart technology in conjunction with vertical farming techniques by telling users when their vertical garden might need more water or soil replenishment. Following today’s wave of smart farming and gardening, Agrilution is making farming an accessible and simpler task for those who live in smaller spaces and still want to develop sustainable living practices. .

Many factors contribute to the health of a plant – soil, water, sunlight, pests, etc. But there is no easy way to know what your plant needs… the BioCollar changes that. Designed by students from the Institute of Interaction Design in Copenhagen, the BioCaller is a wearable accessory that builds empathy between the wearer and the connected plant. When paired with a piece of hardware that goes into the pot, the collar helps you understand the plant’s needs through real-time feedback. It gets moderately tighter when the plant needs water, warms when the plant gets too much sun, and vibrates when the plant is infested. In doing so, the wearable aims to make it easy for the plant to communicate its needs to you and allow you to be a better plant parent.

The Nano Garden features a two-part planter that waters and vents with its clever design. The pot itself holds water, while the float inside houses the plant pod – an all-in-one compostable pod that contains seeds and nutrients suspended in a growing medium. The pod floats on water, absorbing as much as the plants need…and as the water level runs out, the floating pod sinks into the pot. This allows you to visually gauge how much water there is in your Nano Garden’s reservoir, allowing you to refill it easily. A full reservoir of water lasts anywhere from 2 weeks to a month (depending on the plant you are growing), and the plant technically waters itself – so you never have to worry about overwatering or insufficient of your plants. The planter comes with a neat light that sits on a telescoping arm that you can adjust in height as your plant grows.

Lively Greens is essentially a horticultural therapy table that uses aquaponics, a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics, to grow plant life. Lively Greens consists of an aquarium and a group of five pots for growing plants. As the fish in the tank swim and grow, the water becomes nutrient-rich, which feeds the hydroponic plant system, allowing the plant life above to thrive and eventually be harvested. Those who help grow Lively Greens need only do the initial planting and watch the fish take care of the rest. Once the plant life and soil have merged with the aquarium water, the nutrients in the effluent-rich water, due to the presence of marine life, help nourish the plants and maintain a cycle. of healthy growth.

Designed to be the world’s first “living furniture series”, the patent-pending BloomingTables allow you to grow herbs and vegetables, cultivate microgreens, or enjoy the beauty of succulents and vines in the comfort of your home. With homes and apartments getting smaller and balconies more and more luxurious, BloomingTables offer a unique aesthetic compromise – giving you a table with the added benefit of a small terrarium for your indoor plants. BloomingTables are available in 4 sizes – a desk, a coffee table, an entry table and a side table – all featuring a trough-shaped waterproof acrylic base and a flat glass panel on the top. Each table has a drain valve at the bottom (just in case you want to drain excess water from your planter’s soil), and the glass panel on top is also removable, allowing you to water , prune and easily stretch your plants!