Peter Rabbit’s birthday celebrations continue with community gardening campaign –

To mark 120 years since the publication of Beatrix Potter’s much-loved children’s classic The Tale of Peter RabbitPublisher Penguin Random House Children’s today announced a three-year partnership with non-profit garden designers Grow2Know CIC, on behalf of Frederick Warne & Co. (owners of The World of Peter Rabbit).

A pioneering non-profit organization dedicated to reconnecting people with nature and each other through the creation of community gardens, Grow2Know reclaims pristine spaces and transforms them into gardens designed to contribute to the health, happiness and well-being of residents. local.

The seed of Grow2Know was sown by North Kensington resident Tayshan Hayden-Smith (pictured) in response to the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy in 2017, when residents came together to green spaces in the area so to uplift and unite community through nature – inspiring the creation of the Grenfell Garden of Peace.

New Growing up with Peter Rabbit was developed by Penguin Random House Children’s in partnership with Grow2Know to bring the benefits of gardening and time in nature to as many families as possible. Drawing inspiration from the playful nature of Peter Rabbit, as well as his insatiable appetite for vegetables, the founders of Grow2Know – semi-professional footballer, community activist and TV presenter Tayshan Hayden-Smith, garden designer and TV presenter Danny Clarke (aka “The Black Gardener”), and Ali Yellop, farmer, chef and herbalist, will design and deliver three Peter Rabbit community garden makeovers by 2024.

The first Peter Rabbit-inspired garden is currently in development in disused land attached to St Clement & St James CE Primary School, Kensington: a school at the heart of the community where Grow2Know was founded, and the borough in which the Peter Rabbit’s creator, Beatrix Potter, was born on July 28, 1866. The garden will be inaugurated just before classes close for the summer holidays. An illustration showing the design inspiration for the garden, by visual artist Kai McKim, is revealed today.

Interactive spaces for children to read, play, grow and learn, inspired by the adventures of Peter Rabbit and his friends, have been integrated into the garden, which can be used by the local community to hold workshops and events from of this summer.

Members of the public across the UK will also be encouraged to Growing up with Peter Rabbit from home during National Kid’s Garden Week 2022 (May 28-June 5) when a series of filmed how-to videos, led by Tayshan Hayden-Smith, will be released.

TV presenter and farmer JB Gill will take part in the challenge on his social media, as will married couple Jake and Hannah Graf MBE, nominated by the Guardian as one of the UK’s most influential LBGTQ couples, who – alongside their current careers and parenting responsibilities – are strong advocates for the trans community. Accompanied by their families, they will join the Growing up with Peter Rabbit challenge to demonstrate how easy and fun it is to grow your own vegetables at home using simple, upcycled items and a packet of seeds.

In addition, primary teachers across the UK will have access to specially created resources Growing up with Peter Rabbit learning resources, which means multiple opportunities for parents and children to participate in the 120th anniversary campaign.

The supporters of Growing up with Peter Rabbit include garden center retailer Dobbies and London-based nonprofit Octavia.

Dobbies, the official garden center partner for The World of Peter Rabbit this year, will be donating plants and materials for the school garden in support of the initiative, as well as running free Peter Rabbit workshops. Rabbit in stores nationwide.

Octavia, founded by Victorian philanthropist Octavia Hill to support Londoners of all ages, is helping build through her Better Lives Community Fund, which supports projects that reduce loneliness and isolation for young people in London.