New to indoor gardening? Here are some tips for new plant parents

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, August 9)— With many stuck in quarantine due to the pandemic, some have taken up new hobbies to stay busy and productive.

Home-cooked meals and baking projects have probably filled our social media feeds over the past few months, but another trend has also stood out: indoor planting and gardening.

Photos of houseplants nestled in stylish decorative pots have been popping up online, inspiring cooped-up citizens to start their own journeys to becoming plant parents. It also helps that growing plants inside your home has benefits for your physical and mental health.

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Becoming a plant parent may seem easy at first glance, but it also takes commitment and passion. Here are some tips for those looking to get started with indoor gardening:

Start with “beginner” or low maintenance plants

Those new to the world of gardening are encouraged to start with low-maintenance plants, such as snake plants or pothos plants, among others.

Those new to gardening are advised to start with low maintenance plants.

Sa mga mag-uumpisa pa lang, important… ‘yung madaling maaalagaan, at hindi sila mamamatayan agad,landscape architect Vincent Lim told CNN Philippines on Sunday.

[Translation: For those who are just starting, it’s important… those (plants) that are easy to take care of, and won’t die immediately.]

Buy one plant at a time

Some may also be a little excited to get their hands on various quaint plants for their home, but Lim advised beginners to start with one plant at a time.

“(When) you get your groove on taking care of the plants, tsaka ka mag-to add her collection month (this is where you add to your collection),” he noted.

Start with cuttings, ask a friend for help

In addition to purchasing the product itself, Lim said aspiring plant parents can also start by getting plant cuttings from friends or relatives.

Search online stores for cheaper plants

The sudden boom in indoor plants may have prompted some sellers to up their values, but Lim said there is still an array of online stores offering products at lower prices.

Make your plants feel loved

Some plant parents talk — or sometimes even sing — to their plants, and for good reason. Lim pointed out that even plants, as living beings themselves, need love and care.

“It’s very important that you somehow make them feel like you care about them as well. And I think that comes down to you. Your plants, in a way, help give you a healthier and more more alive; and they also take care of you,” he said.