MiracleGro Aerogarden Bounty Elite Simplifies Indoor Gardening

1 out of 10 Chris Monroe/CNET

MiracleGro Aerogarden Bounty Elite

This $249 countertop garden system includes an LED light and a self-watering container.


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fast plant

The built-in control panel guides you through the process of starting your first indoor plant crop. You select the type of plants you will grow and the Bounty Elite uses this information to determine how often it needs to light the garden for optimal growth.


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You fill the Bounty Elite container with about a gallon of water. It was easier to fill it with a gooseneck kettle because of the small water opening.


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After filling the container with water, you insert the Aerogarden seed pods into each of the nine slots at the top of the container.


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Dirt from the container of the pod in which a seed was placed.


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Pod details

The top of each pod tells you what type of seed is inside, how long it will take to germinate, and how tall it will grow.


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You place small plastic domes over each pod to create a greenhouse effect that helps the seeds grow.


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Automated lighting

Once you’ve planted everything, the LED light will turn on and off based on the settings you selected during the Quick Plant setup.


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Garden status

The control panel tells you how long the lamp has been on. It also tells you when you need to add water to the container or add plant food. You can access these same features on your phone through the Aerogarden app, which connects to the garden system via Wi-Fi.


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countertop gardening

The Bounty Elite is decently sized, but it can easily fit on a counter or wide windowsill.