Liberia launches new community gardening model

The government of Liberia has launched a new model of community gardening. Gambia, the Ministry of Agriculture, with the technical support of FAO Liberia, will set up training on lessons learned from the management of the new model called “Farming from Box”.

The training will target eight beneficiary farming communities in Bong, Bomi, Margibi and Nimber counties. Farming from a Box provides scalable agricultural infrastructure (well-developed farmland, poultry facility, and irrigation system) to modernize community agriculture in a profitable and sustainable way. The system is equipped with solar energy technology, irrigation systems, water purification resources, greenhouse, office and cold storage.

Improved vegetable and poultry production

According to the programs manager, Mr. Octavius ​​Quarbo, through this intervention, the beneficiary farmers were trained on improving vegetable and poultry production. In order to better prepare farmers for the establishment, management and operation of community gardens, FAO Liberia requested technical assistance from FAO Gambia to learn lessons from its MDG 1 project funded by the European Union on Community Gardens.

Mr. Octavius ​​Quarbo, FAO Liberia Program Manager, reported that FAO Liberia is in the process of establishing eight integrated vegetable and poultry gardens in four counties of Liberia. Therefore, with The Gambia having had success in operating such gardens, they thought it prudent to undertake a study tour to learn from The Gambia.

“As we prepare beneficiary farmers to own and manage these gardens established in four counties in Liberia, we thought it was fitting to bring them to The Gambia to learn from their fellow farmers about the best agricultural practices to adopt” , said Mr. Octavius.