LG’s indoor gardening appliance lets you grow your own vegetables at home

Perhaps alongside its mobile and TV products, LG is also known for its home appliances. Many of these devices are getting smarter, leveraging mobile technology and automation to bring more convenience to household chores. Perhaps the most extreme example of this will come next month when LG introduces a smart device that will let you grow vegetables indoors in cabinets that look like overgrown refrigerators.

Growing greens is not an easy task, especially considering the weather and climate. Leaving nothing to chance, LG’s as-yet-unnamed device will replicate the ideal conditions for growing herbs and vegetables all year round. You don’t even have to get your hand dirty.

The column-type indoor gardening device uses a variety of technologies to replicate outdoor conditions inside its large cabinet. LED lights, forced air circulation and wick water management all adjust to accommodate temperatures and conditions based on the time of day. It’s like having your own little world and climate inside.

Of course, a number of smart technologies are also involved. A circulation-free water supply distributes the exact amount needed to a set of plants, preventing algae growth and the production of unpleasant odors. A smartphone app allows users to not only monitor conditions inside the device, but also offer advice on how to maximize plant growth.

the LG indoor gardening appliance uses special all-in-one seed packets, of which 24 can be accommodated, depending on their size. No pricing or availability details have yet been provided, but the device will be on LG’s booth at CES 2020 next month.