Kennishead Community Gardening – a community crowdfunding project in Glasgow by Peter Osborne

Wheatley Homes Glasgow, as Glasgow’s largest social housing provider, is responsible for high-rise buildings on Kennishead Avenue in South West Glasgow. We are also looking for ways to bring our communities together and fight against isolation.

Our vision is to create a community space where we can develop a community based on the circular economy and a garden of knowledge sharing, bringing together the best of the many opportunities for cultural exchange within this community – through the shared language of sustainably grown products.

As part of our services, our neighborhood environmental teams maintain the landscape surrounding the blocks. This includes litter picking, grass cutting, hedge trimming, gutter cleaning and more, with the area regularly receiving top marks as assessed by Keep Scotland Beautiful. We propose to co-develop, with our full-time Community Engagement Officer, a composting and soil improvement process that recirculates our landscaping materials back into the soil. Working with the Council’s Food Growing Team, we will develop a community grow space to grow fresh vegetables and other plants, which will be used and enjoyed by residents; thus helping to bring more community cohesion through regularly planned social events. Additionally, we will increase the adoption of cycling as a solution, working with our 3rd sector partners to increase the use of our bicycle storage facilities.