Indoor gardening startup Gardyn just raised $35 million Series B

Just in Time for Spring, an Indoor Gardening Tech Company Based in Bethesda, Maryland Gardyn nabbed another $35 million. And no, he didn’t harvest a money tree. We confirm.

Remote-operated Gardyn is a vertical indoor garden system that leverages AI to automate plant care. The Series B round was led by the existing investor JAB Ventureswho also led the $15 million Series A the company raised in 2021. Fresh funds (sorry) bring the company’s total to $55 million since its inception in 2018.

CEO and Founder FX Rouxel Told Technically that Gardyn plans to use the money to further develop its technology and expand its production capabilities.

“It’s really a very emerging market, there are a lot of different players but not a lot of new technology,” Rouxel said of the company’s direction. “That’s the really cool thing with Gardyn that I’m excited about. I think we’re really shaping this market in terms of technology and what it can be and where it should be.

Rouxel said the company has a lot to develop within its factory portfolio, including new models it plans to launch in the near future, and will further develop its system’s accompanying app. . Along with this work, Rouxel said, Gardyn will seek to expand into verticals such as restaurants, offices and schools. He also plans to add a few new factories to the system.

Managing Partner and Vice President of JAB Ventures Joachim Creus celebrated Gardyn’s hopeful future in a statement.

“JAB Ventures is very proud to double its investment in Gardyn, given the incredible the track record they have shown over the past few years and the incredible potential they advanced given their unique positioning and technology,” said Creus.

According to Rouxel, the company’s size has nearly quadrupled over the past year, reaching nearly 100 employees. With the new funds, he expects to continue to grow as the market develops.

“We’re leveraging AI to really understand what’s growing, how fast [growth] and [ask] is there anything that can optimize plant growth? said Rouxel. “So in my mind, that’s really a game-changer.”