Indoor Gardening, Luxurious Mushroom Leather + Motorized Car Cabin

Winner of the CES 2022 Innovation Award, the indoor growing system is named after the Korean word for “push”. Indicative of the continuing trend and popularity of greenery in a time when travel is sometimes restricted – this refrigerator-sized compact appliance allows green hands to indulge in growing greens where the space or the weather do not always allow you to accommodate your own garden.

If I ever had any doubts about the future of electric vehicles, the Rivian R1T electric truck erased them. A recent test drive here in California provided the compelling argument I needed to swap my current off-roader for one powered by the R1T’s four-motor drivetrain. Whether it was devouring gnarly desert trails or indulging in some silly, fun acceleration on an airstrip, it was impossible not to smile behind the wheel of the R1T. It is capable of 0-60 performance in just 3 seconds and can automatically raise and lower its height with an easy-to-engage air suspension system. The entire vehicle is smartly equipped with storage and safety/comfort technologies. The whole experience has me equally excited about their second upcoming model, the R1S, an SUV that I think will be an even more versatile and comfortable option for city and suburban dwellers.

Bang & Olufsen tends to stick to an earthy organic Scandinavian palette when sprucing up their audio gear with colors, but how not to be wowed by the sumptuous blue tones that adorn their Beoplay EQ headphones, the Beoplay A9 speaker 4th generation, Beoplay HX headphones, and Beolit ​​20 Bluetooth speaker, a limited-edition Moment collection celebrating Chinese New Year. It’s just a shame that these shades are an Asia-Pacific exclusive.

Former Googler, Xiaomi and Meta executive Hugo Barra is well aware that COVID home test kits are hard to come by and that rapid antigen detection tests aren’t always accurate enough to check for infection. . This is part of the impetus behind the development of Detect, a reusable, one-hour molecular PCR-grade test system designed to be 97.3% accurate with no false positives. Detect’s user experience and industrial design are more consumer tech than medical equipment, a deliberate attempt to simplify and humanize what is often a stressful mode of health checking.

the 2022 Mercedes EQS sedan stands out as a promising model in the electric luxury vehicle segment, a new S-Class vehicle equipped with a 56″ Hyperscreen curved glass dashboard extending from door to door, seamlessly merging three screens into a singular futuristic interior. But then the German automaker came out and eclipsed its present with a reveal of its supposed future, unveiling a wonderful CES concept. The VISION EQXX’s futuristic 620-mile range and windswept silhouette are at the heart of its all-electric appeal, but we’re also impressed with the automaker’s team imagining drivers will soon be cutting through traffic by relaxing in the comfort of mushroom fibers and cacti. fiberglass seats, feet resting on a 100% bamboo fiber carpet.

We’re still old-school pedal pushers, but there’s no denying that e-bikes have become a popular option for commuting in urban and even suburban neighborhoods. Italy-based HYCON is breaking out of the increasingly crowded e-bike realm with a portable, space-saving folding design that retains full-size 24-inch tires instead of the smaller Mickey Mouse tires typically associated with folding bikes.

Fashion house Dior is flexing its muscles in unexpected ways, with a selection of global pop-up stores showcasing the Dior Vibe line, a small collection of home fitness products designed in collaboration with luxury fitness equipment brand, Technogym. The Technogym MyRun Connected Treadmill, Technogym Multifunctional Workout Bench and Technogym Exercise Ball are superficially updated with a white finish, stripes and the Maison’s iconic signature to appeal to dissatisfied home fitness enthusiasts typical industrial equipment.

Boosted by innovations in display technology, televisions have experienced something of a renaissance in the various shapes and sizes available to consumers. Look at the LG Objet TV shown at CES 2022 and you might mistake it for a minimalist canvas of art. But that’s because the 65-inch screen is tucked away behind a tastefully colored Kvadrat fabric cover – a tantalizing proposition for anyone dreading the idea of ​​a big set in their home. The display reveals itself from a distance, a 4K OLED display paired with an 80W 4.2-channel audio system to handle the audio end of the home entertainment experience.

One of the benefits of electric vehicles is that they can function like giant batteries to power all sorts of devices. The Today’s Office cabin is an example of this mobile power bank functionality – a “Plug n’ Stay” structure fitted with modest but modern accommodations designed by studio Puisto Architects of Finland, with many material comforts powered by the vehicle to charge the Hyundai IONIQ 5 capacity. This means that even when they’re roughing it, guests can use Wi-Fi, enjoy an audio system and TV, get refreshments from a fridge or use an air-source heat pump, kettle , an espresso machine, and perhaps most importantly, a toilet while escaping for an off-the-grid vacation.

A typical morning here begins with a yawn and the press of a button using this same grinder (but in its previous all-black incarnation), and I can attest that this compact machine does its job competently and quietly using its 64mm of professional quality flat burrs. It’s also one of the best-looking kitchen/cafe appliances, built with satisfying weight and attention to touch. The Ode Brew Grinder’s 31 dial settings are especially welcome for those of us who like to switch between different methods of brewing coffee throughout the week.

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