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FARGO — Birds chirping on the inner greenhouse roof and scooping soil into pots made a wintry Saturday, Feb. 20, a leap into spring at Baker Garden & Gift on South University Drive.

Audrey Gilbraith, the store’s indoor plant manager, was one of many employees to enjoy a steady stream of traffic during a typically slower time of year.

“It’s been amazing to see how many people are interested in houseplants,” Gilbraith said. “We really had a great season this year just with the number of people who are so excited.”

Gilbraith said growers of all types have crowded in for plants like the

Jewel of Zanzibar,

elephant ear

and small succulents, and she has encouraged many plant parents to follow their hearts when it comes to choosing one to care for.

“Anything you have your eye on is probably something you need to take better care of,” Gilbraith said. “Whatever you fall in love with the moment you see it is the plant for you.”

Two girls choose a houseplant to take home to Baker Garden & Gift on Saturday, February 20.

Some of the plants inside the greenhouse don’t need a lot of sun and water, but Gilbraith pointed out that one of the most important things to keep them growing is keeping up with the weather. and seasons.

“It’s the passion (to take care of the plants), of course,” she said. “It’s (for) anyone who wants to have something alive in their home to take care of it.”

As we get closer to March and spring, Gilbraith hopes the steady traffic will continue and have more plants purchased from his greenhouse to put in their greenhouses.

“It’s a lot of patience and a lot of monitoring, but it’s very rewarding at this point in the year to see them come back to life,” she said.