Indoor gardening expert James Wong shares a DIY hanging garden

BBC presenter and botanist James Wong shared his DIY hanging garden on Instagram, which saves space while creating a stunning feature.

Using simple IKEA shelves, the gardening professional showed how he created an impressive hanging garden wall.

Using two floating shelves positioned out of alignment with each other, James created a tiered hanging display that could be easily replicated in most homes.

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He placed small trailing plants on the shelves next to nature-themed prints framed in natural wood.

The hanging garden is ideal for more compact homes as it saves floor and surface space. Incorporating plants at eye level on the wall also helps breathe life and nature into the room at first glance.

James revealed the shelves he used were from IKEA and can be bought online for just £5 (55cm) and £9 (115cm). They come in a choice of six colors, including the white that James uses.


James shared a photograph of the impressive display on his Instagram account along with a second image detailing the plant names of the varieties he had included (huperzia goebelii, platycerium superbum, columnea arguta and huperzia squarrosa).

“If you’re short on space to grow plants, I’ve found that a few simple ledges can create new indoor habitat where there was none before,” wrote James, who says he lives with 500 plants. interior.

Describing the inspiration for his DIY hanging garden, James said, “I wanted to plant a little hanging garden of epiphytes that live clinging to trees in Southeast Asia, so that when I wake up I can pretend to take a nap in a forest. ”

We’ve collected some great hanging plants below that could be added to your own display or simply used to brighten up your home on any surface.

The perfect spring refreshment for any home.

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