Grobo the fully automated grow box for indoor gardening

If you have ever planted a seed and wanted to grow plants indoors, you would know how difficult and time consuming it is. We all like to have fruits and vegetables all year round, but it takes a lot of effort, time and research.

That’s why Grobo has developed a foolproof system that allows you to grow the plant indoors without spending so much time and effort. Grobo is a fully automated grow box that uses a hydroponic system. In this hydroponics grow box, you have to place the seed, water and nutrient bottle and watch your plant grow near your grow box.

Automated growth system

Grobo was created to grow cannabis at home. Using state-of-the-art technology that uses sensors to monitor and regulate plant growth, Grobo grow boxes that automatically regulate light, water, humidity, temperature, and nutrient supply to enable growth. healthy plants. You should change the water and install nutrient bottles each time the Grobo app asks you to. But it can be used to grow any plant that will adapt to it.

Types of Grobo Automated Grow Box Models

There are two different models of Grobo grow box, namely Grobo solid and Grobo Premium. These models use automatic nutrient delivery, pH regulation, LED lighting settings, 24 hour monitoring, odor removal, water reservoir, fans for air circulation . They are also similar in their sleek, chic and minimalist designs. They differ only in the type of grow box door.

1) Solid Grobo

This model from Grobo has a solid metal door. This metal door offers discretion, allowing it to look light like any other cabinet. Thus, allow your grow box to blend in with the other elements of your home.

2) Grobo Bonus

This model from Grobo has a flowing glass door that changes from clear to opaque with just a touch of background. This glass door allows you to check on your plants without opening the door and allows privacy when needed.

Grobo grow box cost

When it comes to the cost of a grow box, both Grobo models are an investment. Grobo costs substantially $1999, while the premium Grobo costs $2199. However, Grobo offers you a high quality product at a lower price compared to its competitors like see.

Plus, you’ll see that Grobo will offset its value and save you money in the long run. You can expect to spend around $10 per month on nutrients and $5 on energy. Which is relatively less than the benefits you will get from your grow box. You can get your grow box quickly when you buy from Grobo because they already ship and start the growing process much faster than other products.

In conclusion

Many benefits of a grow box will give you high quality produce in your home with minimal effort. So if you are curious about grow boxes and want to grow plants from the comfort of your home, you will find high quality grow boxes at Grobo. The advanced technology used in Grobo grow boxes makes their hydroponic growing systems amazing.

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