Community gardening a hit, even among Delhiites | Gurgaon News

Gurgaon: The District Horticulture Department’s Gurgaon Community Gardening Project is a success, and not just among the residents of Gurgaon. Delhiites are equally enthusiastic, the department says.
Deen Mohammad Khan, district horticulture officer, said about 20% of the total applications came from Delhiites. “There are people from as far away as Dwarka, East Delhi and Saket, who have called me for project details and expressed interest in joining. We didn’t expect such enthusiasm when we started, but I guess a lot of people are drawn to the concept,” Khan said.
YA Rajshree, who lives in Pushp Vihar, Delhi, is among the lot. She said, “Given the reality, where the vegetables in our markets are grown in the Yamuna belt and are loaded with heavy metals and other pollutants, I always wanted to grow my own vegetables. But living in a multi-storey building did not offer many possibilities for this.
She said this project gave her a chance to grow organic vegetables for her family without having to shell out a lot of money to buy land. Rajshree, a consultant with insurance brokerage firm AON, has already sown her first crop of coriander, spinach and radish seeds on Sunday.
Captain Vijay Kumar, a lecturer at FOSMA Maritime Institute in Noida, who also lives in Pushp Vihar, has also taken a land unit on hire. He said: “Having recently taken a course in organic farming, I found out about this project and thought it was the best opportunity to put what I learned into practice. He said that although the site is 60 km from his home, this does not demotivate him as he believes such projects are the future. They allow people to grow their own vegetables and help connect urban and rural dwellers, he said.
The Horticulture Department of Gurgaon launched its community gardening project in September, providing residents with 600 sq m plots for rent to grow vegetables, near the village of Teekli on Sohna Road. This is a one-time security deposit of Rs 5,000 and a monthly rent of Rs 3,879 per unit, which can be paid in a lump sum or in instalments. The units are rented for six months. One is allowed to resign with 45 days notice.
More than 100 people inquired about the project and 60 people signed up. It was launched on October 2, with participants sowing spinach and coriander seeds.