Aubrey Miles weighs the pros and cons of indoor gardening

Plantita Certified Aubrey Miles has learned so much from indoor gardening over the years, and one thing she has come to realize from this discipline is that it is an art form in itself, for many reasons.

“I can say that indoor gardening is like a work of art,” the actress shared on her Instagram page on Saturday, July 17, as she showed fans a series of photos of her indoor plants. interior. She expressed amazement as she watched her plants go through the process of “survival of the fittest.”

“You wouldn’t know that your plant has adapted to your place until after [two to six] month. Yes, this month your new plant may be the prettiest of them all, but the hardest part is maintenance,” she added.

While there are a lot of “pros and cons when considering indoor gardening,” Miles said the best part is when “your plants are in a controlled environment.”

“You just need to make sure the environment you give is similar to their natural environment,” she advised. “I have limited space, so I’m very demanding when it comes to my houseplants. It’s quite tricky but that’s the fun part. I do my best every day, literally every day. That’s why I make sure my daily routine includes my houseplants.

Aubrey Miles. Image: Instagram/@milesaubrey

She went on to express her admiration for those who have been doing both “indoor and outdoor gardening for the longest time”, and encouraged those who are interested to try both.

Miles has been a plantita for years now, even before the indoor gardening boom amid the pandemic. His recent plant acquisitions include a Peruvian obliqua worth 250,000 pesos and a variegated billietiae worth 300,000 pesos. J.B.


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