aspara by Growgreen celebrates summer and the 4th of July with the promotion of indoor gardening

aspara by Growgreen celebrates summer and the 4th of July with a special promotion from June 21 to July 4 on

aspara Stylist Lite is a small, compact and stackable greenhouse with 8 cultivation holes, an aesthetic decoration for all modern homes. With adjustable LED grow lights and specific planting schedules, you can enjoy planting fresh green indoors and enjoying the harvest in the easiest way.

aspara Nature is a smart indoor hydroponic grower that creates a controllable environment with automatic optimization for everyone to grow healthy plants, fresh vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers and even superfoods for better well-being.

The aspara platform includes state-of-the-art technology and sensors that provide the best environment for plant growth. The IoT capability also allows users to easily check in and monitor their indoor garden growth even when they are away. Plus, it connects to the aspara mobile app for remote monitoring, step-by-step guidance for successful planting, and sharing with friends and family. The platform also includes unique plant programs specific to each plant species. So anyone can easily grow vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs in their own soilless home, regardless of their level of experience.

Moreover, aspara is an attractive and user-friendly smart device with a minimalist, compact and patented design that can be further personalized and fits perfectly into different home environments and aesthetics.

The aspara kit also comes with a one-time aspara club membership, offering one-on-one support, updates and information on seeds, plants and seasonal promotions.

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