6 ideas for indoor gardening with kids

Disclaimer: I was over 40 when I discovered something special. I like having a plant around. As a result, I hope to instill a love of gardening and an appreciation for nature in my children. I grew up with a big garden and a mother who loves to garden, but it wasn’t until many years of apartment living that I realized I took that part of my childhood for granted. Now, with no garden in sight (except for the plants I received as a gift, which unfortunately never quite succeeded), I am looking for ways, my children and I, to bring nature back to the inside and watch something grow. Eliza Blank, Founder and CEO of The Sill, a New York-based houseplant company (and guest on the Motherly podcast), says, “Plants are an important part of caring for you and your kids.” I couldn’t agree more. Whether it’s starting with an herb garden, trying to grow carrots, or even a cute little succulent, houseplants and gardening have many benefits , from reducing stress to increasing productivity. Ready to watch nature do its thing and find out if there are green thumbs in your home? Let’s go!

6 ways to garden indoors with your kids:

Kids Herb Garden Grow Kit

This Kids Herb Garden Grow Kit found on Etsy has everything your child needs to grow and harvest their own garden. Containing heirloom seeds of non-GMO basil, coriander and parsley (I smell them now!), the kit also includes soil, biodegradable pots, a reusable cotton bag and a hand scoop perfect for little hands.

Young explorers root view farm

Indoor gardening with children

This award-winning gardening kit for kids gives kids the chance to watch their garden form and grow from within the ground. Contains carrot, onion and radish seeds, soil mix, labels, colorful instruction booklet and a durable grow box with a see-through side to watch the action below. Very cool!

AVERGO Children’s Gardening Kit

Indoor gardening with children

Perfect for the artist and gardener, this kit features a white metal planter you can decorate with the included paints and brushes, 3 packets of flower seeds, a watering can, rake, fork, spade and 9 plastic markers. wood so you don’t forget what kind of flowers you are growing. Spring is calling you!

Gardens of the climb

Indoor gardening with children

Rise Gardens offers everything you need (and in different sizes) to start a legitimate garden in your home. You will receive 8 seed pods (a mixture of herbs and salad), a nursery for seed germination and hydroponic nutrients to start your garden. The automatic watering system uses a gallon of water per week that keeps the planting watered and oxygenated, and the nursery uses custom LED panels that mimic the sun and provide the broad spectrum of light plants need to grow (at in case you are worried about not getting enough direct sunlight on a windowsill). I also enjoyed a blog post on their website about gardening activity ideas for kids .


Indoor gardening with children

If you want to start with something easy (and I don’t blame you), try one of these little guys. I love Rock Flower Paper for their beautiful patterned clothing and accessories, but I recently found out they also sell succulents! This Haworthia succulent is one of the easiest plants to grow, and although its shape looks spiky, it’s actually not pointy at all. Succulents are sold in sets of 6 with simple instructions on light exposure and care. And while we’re on the subject of miniature plants, we love this heartwarming story.

juice box planter

Indoor gardening with children

Juice boxes are not only delicious and a favorite with kids, but they can be repurposed to create an adorable planter when finished. Parenting chaos is easy juice box garden tutorial on his website, and more than likely, you already have everything you need to make one in your child’s art bin. Once the exterior is decorated, all you need is some soil and a cutting (she uses a cactus) or seeds. Sustainable and good for the environment all in one – I love it. And speaking of juice boxes, Water Tip is a hit with me.

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