5 Best Indoor Gardening Ideas

While a little greenery is clinically proven to reduce stress (and it is, according to many studies), then everyone could find room for a dedicated grow space. Is it any surprise that there were more searches for “indoor garden” last spring than ever before? Before we dive into the fun stuff, let’s say that a true self-contained greenhouse is an investment: Be prepared to spend between $1,000 and $5,000 for a good prefab option, advises Maya Haynie of deVINE Planterie, or closer to $20,000 for a custom build with all the bells and whistles. But even turning a cozy nook into a vegetative zone or indoor garden can be therapeutic and just as helpful, especially when temperatures drop. Keep reading to learn more about large-scale and small-scale design options and ideas.

Greenhouses aren’t just for plants: set up a table for working, painting or dining.




You don’t need acreage to grow a garden all year round. Assemble a mini green wall in a sunny corner (designer Corey Damen Jenkins used a Crate & Barrel wall shelf on the left), or try a compact hydroponic system that lets you grow just about anything, anywhere, without the mess of soil.


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